e-Polymers is a peer-reviewed internet journal under the auspices of the European Polymer Federation (EPF). In the area of polymer science and engineering, it makes novel scientific and technological results available both in academia and industry, and basically free of charge.

Furthermore, e-Polymers is a forum dedicated to the free and fast exchange of information. Therefore, it will comprise

  • original publications on basic polymer science and engineering,
  • reviews on trends in science and technology, in academia and industry,
  • reports on educational topics,
  • information about joint programmes, e.g. of the EU,
  • job advertisements and appointments of new chairs etc.,
  • business reports (abstracts),
  • commercial links and advertisements.

Thus, e-Polymers is the answer to the strange situation that many institutions cannot afford to subscribe to journals which - at the same time - they strongly support by submission of high-quality papers, refereeing etc.

Please follow the link to e-Polymers.

Chairman e-POLYMERS 

Prof. Piet J. Lemstra

Eindhoven University of Technology
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Polymer Technology
PO Box 513, Helix STO 0.37
5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 40 247 3650
Fax:+31 40 243 6999

E-mail: p.j.lemstra@tue.nl